The CRC stands for Christian Resource Cooperative. It is an arm of the External Ministry department of the church that specifically focuses on providing opportunities for ABF to have a meaningful partnership with other churches that share in the same doctrine and beliefs.


ABF develops all resources with the concept that each resource should be easily used and implemented by the next generation of the local church, as well as between current local churches. We call this Modular Legacy Minded Components or MLMC. Because of this, we seek to make every program available to other churches at little to no cost to them. Our only ask is a meaningful partnership between church bodies, adherence to the Scriptures and respect of traditional apostolically held doctrines. We are happy and willing to provide any support for the implementation, augmentation, and assimilation of the resources.


ABF seeks to develop all of its resources with MLMC in mind. However, some resources are more easily accessible by other churches. Though the CRC is always assessing ABF’s programs to add them to our list of specific resources to offer the local church, the list below is of resources that are readily available to other churches.


The CRC maintains a library of individuals in its partner churches who are willing to donate their time and services to the local church. This can be anything from consultation to actual work and competency levels of trusted hobbyists to paid professionals. When some work is needed in the partnership network, the pastor of the person in need can contact the appropriate church to access their member’s skills. The library is volunteer-based and costs nothing. It is open to any church who partners with ABF.



ABF has a volunteer crew of people dedicated to preserving the identity of the current generation of ABF for the future and accurately representing the church to the world at large. Project Vigilance also has a department which focuses on extending multimedia services to other churches and those in the body of Christ. If you or your church are interested in design services, please check out the Project Vigilance tab under the CRC menu.


The VLN is a networking of the physical church libraries of local churches connected to ABF’s CRC program. It features a digital interface for searching multiple physical libraries at once and the ability to check out physical books from those churches. If you or your church are interested in accessing or joining this service, please contact the CRC at crc.abf@gmail.com.


ABF understands that each person is meant to be a part of the body of Christ. We also understand that ABF is a mere part of the body of Christ as well. It is our goal that all individuals with our shared faith be grounded in a local church body that is loving each other, loving God and doing good works in their community. We want to help people find a body where they can be grounded and rooted and grow a legacy for God and his people. To this end, we need churches who are willing to partner with us in providing a loving body, faithful shepherding and right teaching. Partner churches are churches that have met with our UpReach team, affirmed that we have like doctrines, approved of our goal, and wish to be added to the list of churches that we recommend to those looking for grounding. We are always looking for partner churches to add to our growing list of UpReach partners. As an UpReach partner, when we encounter a believer who wishes to take their grounding seriously, this program connects them to our church partners. All it takes to sign your church up is a meeting between the ABF UpReach team and your pastor. Click on the Join UpReach page under the CRC tab. Below is a list of local churches who have agreed to be partner churches in our UpReach program:

Faith On Hill
Gladstone First Baptist
Good Roots Community Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Oak Hills Presbyterian
Prince of Peace
Valley View
Woodstock Bible Church
Zion Lutheran


At ABF, we believe that a discussion of sound doctrine is a key factor that is missing from the local church. Cross X is ABF’s attempt to introduce the layperson to an in-house discussion of right doctrine. To this end, ABF sponsors a panel discussion between local pastors across denominations, who share right doctrine, to speak on pre-established teachings of the Christian faith. Some past discussions have included: the Trinity, The Holy Spirit, and Heaven & Hell. The pastors use common language in a Q &A session. These questions come from a live audience, an online audience, and a list of questions gathered from online. After each event, the discussion is broken into clips for easy use in teaching. These panels are also held at local churches, across denomination lines. If you think your pastor would make a good panelist, you are a pastor who would like to be on the panel or your church might like to host, please on the Cross X Partnership page under the CRC tab.