The IRL is a library of individual resources within the larger church body who are willing to donate their time and services to the local church for a discount or often free price. This can be anything from consultation to actual work and with competency levels of trusted hobbyists to paid professionals. The library is volunteer-based and costs nothing. It is open to any church who partners with ABF.

Below are the available skills:

Podcasting / Volunteer Professional

Graphic Design / Paid Professional

Health & Life insurance knowledge / Paid Professional

Physical Fitness / Enthusiast

Federal Tax Specialist / Paid Professional

Tutoring in reading (K-5th) / College Educated

Church Administration / Paid Professional

Auto Glass Technician / Paid Professional

Locksmith / Paid Professional

Remodeling / Enthusiast

Electrician / Paid Professional

Sewing & Mending / Enthusiast

Baking / Enthusiast

Food Services / Paid Professional

Event Planning / Volunteer Professional

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