The IRL is a library of individuals, their skillsets and their items within the local church who are willing to donate their time, services or things to the local church for a discount or often free price. The skills can be anything from consultation to actual work and with competency levels of trusted hobbyists to paid professionals, while the things are generally gently used items. The IRL is volunteer-based and costs nothing to join. It is open to any church who partners with ABF.

Below are available skills to inquire about:

Podcasting / Volunteer Professional

Graphic Design / Paid Professional

Health & Life insurance knowledge / Paid Professional

Physical Fitness / Enthusiast

Federal Tax Specialist / Paid Professional

Tutoring in reading (K-5th) / College Educated

Church Administration / Paid Professional

Auto Glass Technician / Paid Professional

Locksmith / Paid Professional

Remodeling / Enthusiast

Electrician / Paid Professional

Sewing & Mending / Enthusiast

Baking / Enthusiast

Food Services / Paid Professional

Event Planning / Volunteer Professional

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