Welcome to Project Vigilance, a resource of Aletheia Bible Fellowship (ABF) of Portland, Oregon. Project Vigilance is ABF’s web portal that connects users with a variety of services that the church provides including access to the ABF run, Vigilance Radio Network (VRN), the Vigilance Library Network (VLN) and ABF’s growing link dump of useful web videos and articles, Research and Development. It is our hope that this “alway on” resource will help you in your journey to be ever present for God.

To learn more about ABF, please check out the ABF tab in the menu above.

Some of the resources offered include:


The main feed of the VIGILANCE.blog site. Here you will find interesting articles being posted ranging from pop culture to religion. This feed also includes all the podcasts and shows of the VRN.



A member of the VRN (Vigilance Radio Network). A podcast friendly audio service that contains the church’s weekly Sunday Sermons. This service can be subscribed to, and even, automatically updated with new sermons being delivered to your device as soon as they become available. The sermons are often live within a few hours of being given.

You can subscribe by rss, or by searching iTunes and Google Play Music for the key term, “ABF Sermons.”


Cross Examination is a resource that seeks to introduce the layperson to an in-house discussion of right doctrine.

To this end, ABF sponsors a panel discussion between local pastors across denominations, who share right doctrine, to speak on pre-established teachings of the Christian faith. Some past discussions have included: the Trinity, The Holy Spirit, and Heaven & Hell. The pastors use common language in a Q &A session.

These questions come from a live audience, an online audience, and a list of questions gathered from online. After each event, the discussion is broken into clips for easy use in teaching.


A member of the VRN (Vigilance Radio Network). Culture In Sanity is a podcast about the many facets of Pop Culture, where Resident Elder of ABF, Adam Kunkel curates a discussion on all forms of Media. It is a spoiler-filled discussion about everything between Comic Books, TV, Movies, Books, Web and Music and more. The Culture in Sanity Podcast is posted twice a month and can be subscribed to via rss, iTunes and Google Play Music.


A member of the VRN (Vigilance Radio Network). Truth Time with Pastor Monte is a weekly facebook live webcast and Podcast show. Hosted by the former Senior Pastor of ABF. Pastor Monte speaks to a baby boomer audience on issues of Theology, Culture, Politics and Oddities from a seasoned perspective. Pastor Monte is a current Elder Emeritus at ABF having served 10 years as its pastor and 10 years prior at Glencoe Baptist Church. He is also a retired agent of the IRS, having served with them for 28 years. He currently teaches varied Business courses as an adjunct professor at Warner Pacific University, his alma mater, where he received his degrees in Religion/Social Science, BA and Master of Religion, MREL. Sociology and a degree in Theology specializing in cults and the occult.

RND (Research and Development) TAB

RND is an area of the Vigilance tab at ABFpdx.org. Here, we devote a tab to posting helpful links regarding areas that the church and the curious might have questions about. It is a “link dump,” filled with useful content in the form of debates, articles, and classes on apologetics, hot topics and comparative religions.DISCLAIMER: RND contains many links that present different, and sometimes opposing, ideologies from those of mainstream Christianity and those of ABF. The presence of these links in RND is not to present specific ideas, but rather to explore ideas to better form a sharper and more powerful worldview. To this end, we generally prefer to post debates where multiple sides can be explored or argued. We post these things as a service to those with discerning eyes, expecting discerning participation that filters all arguments through scripture and we do this without our own commentary. Please use this service correctly, taking each argument on its own merit, being careful to measure the weight of an argument idea with proper care, prayer and against scripture.