There are many ways, places, and thoughts people have on where to start reading your bible. Below we have listed a quick and easy way to understand your Faith and the Bible. We have listed resources as well as steps you can take.


For a description of why there are so many translations of the Bible see “How to Read your Bible for all it’s Worth” by Gordan Fee and Douglas Stuart. For our purposes here we seek to help ground you in scripture with an easy access point starting with the language used, because of this we recommend the New Living Translation which is a thought for thought translation. Put simply there are two ways to translate, taking the exact words and translating those individually or taking the words with their context and translating that thought as a whole. We recommend the Bible Application as an easy digital access point to the text of scripture and to its multiple translations.

5 Books to Get You Started:

The Bible speaks to all aspects of our lives and is holy and sufficient. You may be wondering where to start since it is so overwhelming. We suggest starting with the book of John.  John is Jesus’ best friend and one of his disciples. His gospel gives a unique perspective into the life of Christ and who he is. 

Next you should read through Acts. Acts gives us a historical understanding of how the early church was established after the death and resurrection of Christ, it begins with Jesus’ charge to the Twelve Apostles to spread and share the gospel. This is where we meet Paul, a witness and early leader for the Christian church whose life impacted us beyond measure as he boldly proclaims the gospel and shares it with everyone!

To understand the “why”, we must go to the beginning. Genesis and Exodus contain the creation story and building blocks to our existence. Throughout these books you learn about God, his deep relationship with his people and the covenants he makes with them. 

The next building block to your reading plan is Romans. Here Paul lays out a clear, bold, apologetic as to why being a disciple of Christ is not only reasonable, but who we are designed to be. This book speaks to our issues with sin, our hearts desires and explains our salvation!

If you read through these 5 books you will be primed to continue your way through the rest of the Bible as it is all entwined together. We suggest joining a bible study and the digital free YouVersion has many bible reading plans you can follow or join as well. Our thirst never ends for what all we can gain from reading scripture and each day it is important to set aside time for ingesting God’s Word into our lives!