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Did college students give President Trump’s State of the Union address a fair chance?

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips talked to students at New York City’s John Jay College, reading them quotes from Trump’s address.

What the students didn’t know was that the lines were actually taken from some of former President Barack Obama’s addresses.

The students were given quotes (from Obama) about going after ISIS and countering China on trade. But most were opposed to the ideas when they thought they were coming from Trump.

“He doesn’t think before speaking,” one responded.

“The way he approaches things is very aggressive,” another argued.

“He should mind his own business and focus on America,” a student said.

Phillips said on “Fox & Friends” it appears many students are just “committed” to being against Trump no matter what.

“They were quite shocked [when told the quotes were from Obama],” he explained, recalling one student even threatened to beat him up.

Phillips previously discussed the State of the Union address with NYU students, who came out against the speech even though it hadn’t happened yet.

He said students face consequences on liberal-leaning campuses if they support Trump, including socially, in the classroom and even through violence.

“Students should be able to have a discussion about what the issues are and not feel pressured one way or the other,” said Phillips.

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